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Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games

 SEOUL 2015 IBSA WORLD GAMES. May 10th - 17th, 2015The 1st IBSA World Games made its debut in 1998 in Spain comprising a total of 719 athletes competing in Athletics, Goalball, Judo and Swimming from 71 countries. In 2003 the 2nd IBSA World Games were held in Quebec, Canada. Cycling and Powerlifting were added to the program and about a thousand athletes from 61 countries competed for medals.

The 3rd IBSA World Games was performed in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2007. In this championship, the athletes were given the opportunity to compete in the sports of Athletics, Football B1&Football B2/B3, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting and Swimming. A thousand athletes from 75 countries competed here. In 2011 Antalya, Turkey was the host city for the 4th IBSA World Games where Athletics, Chess, Football B1& B2/B3, Judo, Goalball, Powerlifting and Swimming were offered. Athletics, Goalball, Judo, and Swimming were qualifying events for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

In 2015 Seoul, Korea is the host city of the 5th IBSA World Games and they are expecting over 2000 athletes competing in the largest sports programme that have ever been presented in the history of IBSA: nine sports – Athletics; Chess; Football B1 & B2/B3; Goalball; Judo; Powerlifting; Showdown; Swimming; Tenpin Bowling. The Athletics, Goalball, Judo and Swimming competitions will be counted for qualification in the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.