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Conference “Equal Rights and Accessible Environments: The UN CRPD and EU Disability Law and Policy.”

Maastricht, Belgium
3.4.2014 – 4.4.2014

The recently enacted United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) has been hailed as an extremely progressive human rights instrument, with the potential to effect substantive change for disabled people. In particular, its equality and accessibility provisions hold great promise for reform.

This conference seeks to explore the potential of the UN CRPD as a facilitator of substantive change. The first day of the conference will concentrate on the UN Convention itself and its advanced provisions. The second day of the conference will delve into the prospective impact of the UN CRPD on EU disability law and policy. The focus of the conference as a whole will be on equal rights and accessibility obligations. In essence, this conference seeks to bring together scholars from the disciplines of both international and EU law and to ensure constructive dialogue between both groups. This conference will be supported by Maastricht University and the Marie Curie Programme of the European Commission and will take place within the framework of the DREAM (Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets).

For your convenience, please find below a link to the conference, where interested participants can register for this event: