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Guiding system for visually impaired for individual running on the track

International Conference on Enabling Access for Persons with Visual Impairment


The InternationaICEAPVI-greyl Conference on Enabling Access for Persons with Visual Impairment (ICEAPVI) is an interdisciplinary event, where researchers in the domain of education, rehabilitation, information & communication technologies (ICT) and assistive technologies for persons with blindness and low vision meet to present and exchange their recent ideas and newest research.

a bullet ICEAPVI-2015 aims to bring together people from different research strands that concern themselves with the basic requirements of the Persons with Visual Impairment, including:

  • access to the learning,
  • access to the interpersonal communication,
  • access to the printed information,
  • access to the electronic information and the WWW content,
  • access to the recreation and leisure and
  • access to the built environment.

ICEAPVI-2015 is co-organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Speech and Accessibility Laboratory, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications) and the International Council for Education and Rehabilitation of People with Visual Impairment- Europe (ICEVI-Europe).

ICEAPVI-2015 will be held in Athens, Greece, between February 12-14, 2015.