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Guiding system for visually impaired for individual running on the track


General Information

1.       Please mark your sex!
☐ Female

☐ Male
2.       Please give your age!
3.       What is the level of your visual disability?
☐ Partly blind,

☐ Completely blind,

☐ Other: …………………………………………


General sport activities

In this section we would like to inquire about your free time sport activities. Please answer a few short questions as precisely as you can!
4.       Do you play sports? In case not, then please go Question 8!
☐ Yes, regularly,

☐ Yes, sometimes,

☐ No, not really,

☐ No, not at all
5.       If you play, how often?
☐ Once a week,

☐ Twice a week,

☐ Three times a week,

☐ More than three times a week,
6.       What kind of sports do you play? You can mark more than one sport!
☐ Watersports,

☐ Ball play,

☐ Athletics,

☐ Martial arts,

☐ Winter sports,

☐ Mass sport,

☐ Technical sports,

☐ Other: ……………………………….
7.       What are your favourite sports? You can mark more sports! After you have answered the question please go to Question 10!
☐ Watersports,

☐ Ball play,

☐ Athletics,

☐ Martial arts,

☐ Winter sports,

☐ Mass sport,

☐ Technical sports,

☐ Other: ……………………………….
8.       Have you ever thought about do some sport?
☐ Yes, a lot of times,

☐ Yes, sometimes,

☐ No I haven’t.
9.       What is the reason of not doing any sport?
☐ I don’t have time,

☐ As a visually impaired person I’m afraid of doing sport,

☐ I don’t like do sport.



This section is focused on the running as a sport and your running habits. Please answer all of the questions!
10.   Do you run? If you don’t, please go to Question 18!
☐ Yes, regularly,

☐ Yes, rare,

☐ No, I don’t run
11.   If you do, how often?
☐ Once a week,

☐ Twice a week,

☐ Three times a week,

☐ More than three times a week,

☐ More than three times a week, I’m a professional runner

☐ Other: ………………………………………………………………………
12.   When do you usually go running?
☐ In the morning (till 9 a.m.),

☐ Before noon (9.00 – 12.00),

☐ In the afternoon (12.00 – 18.00),

☐ In the evening (18.00 – 21.00),

☐ At night (from 21.00)
How do you do the running? You can mark multiple answers!
☐ With help of a guide person,

☐ With help of a guide dog,

☐ On an athletic field with a help of a bar,

☐ On a treadmill,

☐ Other: …………………………………………..
14.   What is the average distance of your running?
☐ Sprint (maximum 400 m)

☐ Middle distance (400 m – 3.000 m)

☐ Long distance (3.000 m – 10.000 m)

☐ Marathon (more than 10.000 m)
15.   Where do you usually run? You can mark multiple answers! In case not marking Answer a, then please go to Question 17!
☐ On an athletic field,

☐ In the nature,

☐ In the city

☐ Indoor
16.   When you are training on an athletic field,
☐ I always run in the same lane,

☐ Mostly I run in the same lane, but not always

☐ Usually I do not care about the lanes
Please mark in a 1-10 scale, how difficult to organize a running event with your guide! After you answered the question please go to Question 20!
(1: usually it is not a problem – 10: it is very hard to organize such an event)

☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐9 ☐10

18.   If you don’t run, have you ever thought about trying out?
☐ Yes, several times,

☐ Yes, sometimes,

☐ Not at all.
19.   If you haven’t tried the running yet, please mark the reason of it!
☐ It is difficult to organize it with a guide,

☐ My guide doesn’t not run, so do I,

☐ I’m afraid of falling during running,

☐ I don’t have time,

☐ I don’t know,

☐ Other: ………………………………………….
20.   There are several ways of a guided-free running (i.e. running on an athletic field with the help of a bar or running on treadmill). Have you ever thought about trying the guided-free running? If you mark the Answer 1, please go to Question 22!
☐ Yes, I have already tried,

☐ Yes, I have, but I’ve not tried yet, although thought about it several times,

☐ No, I wouldn’t like to try it.
21.   If you haven’t tried it yet, what is the reason of not trying the guided-free running?
☐ Me and my guide can run together without any problem, thus I don’t want a change,

☐ I’m afraid of falling if I would run alone,

☐ With my guide we can run everywhere, not only on athletic fields.
Please mark from 1 to 10 how much are you afraid of a guided-free running?
(1: I’m not afraid at all – 10: I’m afraid very much, thus I don’t want to try it)

☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐9 ☐10

Please mark from 1 to 10, how much do you desire of a guided-free running?
(1: I don’t desire at all – 10: This is my deepest wish, to try this out)

☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐9 ☐10





In this project we are focusing on to develop a guiding running equipment for visually impaired people, thus they can run on an athletic field without a human guidance. The project based on two key components: an innovative RF based position detection technology and a novel, wearable tactile belt. The RF position detection is able to operate in real-time and detects the exact position of each runner on the track even if he or she is blind or not. The tactile belts with the help of a control station are providing exact information for the visually impaired people and guide them during the running. The guidance is provided by vibrating actuators on different points on the body, thus the place, the intensity and the rhythm of the vibrations guide the visually impaired person during running.


In the following questions we are inquiring about your opinion, as an end-user. Please consider all of the questions before answering!
24.   Are interested in an innovative solution wherewith you could run guided-free with 100% reliability?
☐ Yes, anyway,

☐ Yes, in terms,

☐ Not at all.
25.   Would be a problem for you if this system could be used only on 400 m long, fixed athletic running track?
☐ Yes, it would be a problem, but I use it anyway,

☐ Yes, it would be a problem, that’s why probably I would not use it,

☐ No, it wouldn’t be a problem
26.   After the system is installed on the track, every guest, who is on the track, would be followed real-time. Nevertheless, would be a problem for you, if you ran together with other runners (visually impaired and sighted ones) in the same time?
☐ Yes, it would be, thus I won’t use it,

☐ Yes, it would be, but I use it anyway,

☐ No, it would not be a problem at all.
Please mark from 1 to 10 how much would it be disturbing for you if the system would 100 % automatic, thus you would be guided by a computer?
(1: not disturb me at all – 10: it would disturb me very much, I could not rely on a computer)

☐1 ☐2 ☐3 ☐4 ☐5 ☐6 ☐7 ☐8 ☐9 ☐10

28.   The system would communicate with the visually impaired runners through a tactile belt with vibrations. That means the runner would get information about the right directions and speed through the place and the strength of the vibration. Can you imagine to get the information from the environment from this way instead of audio signs?
In case Answer c, please go to Question 36!

☐ Yes, I think it is a good idea,

☐ Yes, I could, but I rather prefer an audio sign,

☐ No, I could not at all
What kind of signs do you need from the tactile belt? You can mark multiple answers!
☐ Change of directions (i.e. turn right or left)

☐ Stopping,

☐ Starting,

☐ Speed increment/decrement,

☐ A pulsatile confirmatory signal, in case the right direction,

☐ Other: …………………………………….
30.   When do you want to get a sign from the tactile belt?
☐ Just right before the action,

☐ A definite meters before the action,

☐ Both, first a definite meters from the action and second just right before the action,

☐ I don’t know
31.   Do you need a sign to know if you are in some point of the track? (i.e. at the beginning of the curve) If you answer no please go to Question 34!
☐ Yes,

☐ No
32.   What points of the track are important for you? You can mark multiple answers!
☐ Beginning of the curve,

☐ End of the curve,

☐ Beginning of the lap (i.e. start point),

☐ Other: ……………………………………….
33.   As a visually impaired person, what do you think, how many different signals could you still easily keep in your mind during running?
☐ Between 1 – 5,

☐ Between 5 – 10,

☐ More than 10,
34.   During the development of the tactile belt our goal is to focus on the end-user needs and create a comfortable device which does not disturb them during the running. Where would you like to wear the tactile belt on your body?
☐ On my chest,

☐ On my waist,

☐ For me it’s the same, I don’t mind
35.   The system could provide statistics of your performance during the running session (i.e. top and average speed, running time, etc.). Would such information be an incentive to use the service?
☐ Yes, definitively.

☐ It would be a nice feature, but it is not determinant.

☐ No, I am not interested in such service.
36.   Take into account all of these above mentioned parameters, please estimate how often would you use this running service?
☐ Several times a week,

☐ Once in a week,

☐ Once in a fortnight,

☐ Monthly,

☐ Less than a month,

☐ I would not use at all,

☐ I don’t know
Would you be willing to travel to the facility where this system is installed?
☐ Yes, even if I had to leave my town/city,

☐ Yes, but only within my town/city,

☐ Yes, but only if the facility is not further than other traditional athletic fields,

☐ If I needed to travel to get to the facility, then I would not use it.
38.   Do you think with such an electronic assistance and guidance system more blind or visually impaired people choose running?
☐ Definitely yes,

☐ No, I don’t think so,

☐ No answer
39.   Do you think that Blindtrack system would be welcomed also in a school environment an attractive equipment to support pupils and teenagers in physical training and make running sport easier accessible to them?
☐ Yes, I think it would be welcomed,

☐ No, I don’t think so,

☐ No answer
40.   Running is one of the cheapest sport, thus every technical improvement and aid ought to increase the cost of the sport. The facility where this system will be installed or the local government could cover a part of the cost, but the rest of it must be paid by the guests. How much would you spend on this kind of guided-free running per occasion?
☐ Maximum 10€,

☐ Maximum 5€,

☐ Maximum 3€,

☐ Between 1 – 3€,

☐ If this running type is subjected to charges, then I would not use it