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Guiding system for visually impaired for individual running on the track

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After 24 months of reckless development we have a working prototype of Blindtrack system in our hand and would be eager to show it to you live!


The aim of the BLINDTRACK project is to develop a running facility embedded to a 400m athletic track for visually impaired people to run without another person’s assistance.


The BLINDTRACK system has to fit to the challenge of the real-time tracking of a blind runner. The difficulty of the task is its real-time nature. The system has to operate without significant delays between the system units and these components must have short response times as well. The other challenge is the localization system, which has to be accurate, and has to fit to the real-time environment.

The parts of the system:
• RF transmitters (for every runner)
• Receiver antennas (around the track)
• Tactile belt (for the blind runners)
• Central computer (for navigation and guidance)
• WiFi network (to transmit the guidance information to the Blind users)

We are open to your inquiries , contact us and we show you BLINDTRACK at the venue in Nuremberg, Germany!

Please, help our work with filling out the survey below and send your choice to our contact email!


Dear Responder,

First of all let me thank you for your time and positive attitude toward our project. Your answers will contribute to our groundwork in that we would like to get as much information as possible of our target group. Our aim is to gather as concrete information as possible about

  1. your facility
  2. your investment policy
  3. your attitude towards visually impaired sport.

Before getting to the questions let us give you a short introduction about our project. Blindtrack is an R&D project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 605821. In the International consortium there are 9 partners 3 RTD and 6 SME partners from various EC countries.


Aims and offered solution of the project


Running activity is very circumstantial for blind people, especially if they want to enjoy their favourite sport alone in their free time. Therefore, our aim is to develop a system where they are able to run alone without any human guidance. Modern hardware and software technologies have to be used in one system to solve the problem of the real-time tracking & guiding of a blind runner. The solution is based on a radio frequency localisation technology, which deployed in a stadium around the running track and able to operate in real-time. The system determinates the exact position of each runner on the track even if he or she is blind or not. This is important, as there is no unidentified person allowed on the running track. An ergonomic tactile belt worn on the waist helps guiding of the blind runners, avoiding the dangerous and inconvenient collision situations. With this idea visually impaired people become independent during their daily sport activity. The system offers convenient and precise tracking and personnel training services for healthy sportsmen too.


The system will be tested on a 400 m long standard running track in Germany where the system can be checked by potential customers from the beginning of 2016. 

All the information are treated confidentially and the questionnaire is completely anonymous. We intended to create a brief and compact data sheet that will not take more than 20 minutes of your time. Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to turn to the interviewer or the Coordinator of the project, Ateknea Solutions Hungary Kft.

Your answer is important for us if you give us your email address we will inform you about the results of the survey and the project later on.

Questions for ownership

  • Who owns your sport center? More answers can be indicated!
    1. sport club
    2. local government
    3. school
    4. private company
    5. other, please name it: ……………..
  • Who is responsible for daily operation of the facility?
    1. owner
    2. operator(s)
    3. other: ……………..

Questions about the audience

  • Who are using the facility, with special attention to the running track? More answers can be indicated!
    1. individuals
    2. members of sport clubs
    3. both
    4. schools
    5. companies renting the parts of the facility (e.g. football court, gym, etc.)
    6. other, name it please: ……………..
  • Can you offer your services to sportsmen living with various disabilities?
    1. yes, the facility is fully accessible
    2. parts of the facility is accessible but only the supporting equipment (not the sport equipment/possibilities)
    3. parts of the facility is accessible, people with several disabilities have the chance to do sport.
    4. no, there is no possibility for disabled people
    5. no answer

  • If your facility is accessible, do you have blind sportsmen? Please answer this question if you indicate a, b or c during Q4!
    1. Yes, they have regularly events in the facility
    2. Yes, some individuals
    3. Occasionally
    4. No

  • How often do you organize sport events?
    1. On a daily, weekly basis since this is one of the main branches of our company
    2. Few times in a month or in every two months but not this is in our main business focus
    3. Occasionally few times in a year
    4. Almost never
    5. Never

  • What kind of sport events do you usually organize? Please fill it only Q6 is a – d!
    1. events for professional sportsmen only
    2. Events for amateurs only
    3. Both

  • What is the level of these events? More answers can be indicated!
    1. club events
    2. city level
    3. national
    4. international
    5. other, please name it: ……………..

  • What is the average visitor number in a month?
    1. Less than 1,000 visitors
    2. 1,000 – 5,000 visitors
    3. 5,000 – 10,000 visitors
    4. 10,000 – 20,000 visitors
    5. more than 20,000 visitors
    6. no answer

  • What is the average price of the pass for the running track per occasion?
    1. 2€
    2. 3-5€
    3. more than 5€ (please indicate how much!): ……………..
    4. no answer

Questions about investment policy

  • What type of investment projects do you usually have at your site?
  1. a) maintaining regular operation and condition of the facility
  2. b) building and install new facilities and services
  3. c) other, please name it: ……………..

  • Who is responsible for the investment decisions?
    1. owner decision
    2. special board decision is needed
    3. other, name it please: ……………..
    4. no answer

  • How often do you make these decisions?
    1. in every six months
    2. yearly
    3. case by case basis
    4. other, name it please: ……………..
    5. no answer

  • What is the cost limit of your authority in case of investments?
    1. ……
    2. there is no such a limit of my authority.
    3. no answer

  • What happens with those investments that are potentially at a higher cost level than the limit?
  1. the decision will be made by my superiror(s)
  2. the decision will be made with the group of directors
  3. the decision will be made on higher levels (i.e. owner of the facility, local government etc.)
  4. other, please name it: …..

  • How do you finance those investments that have higher cost claim?
    1. usually from national funding sometimes from EU funding
    2. usually from EU funding and sometimes from national funding
    3. from bank loan
    4. other construction, please name it: ……………..

  • What is the average ROI in case of your investments?
    1. 1-2 years
    2. 2-4 years
    3. 5-8 years
    4. 8-10 years
    5. more than 10 years
    6. no answer

Questions about the Blindtrack system

This is the last section of the questionnaire which focuses on the Blindtrack (BT) system therefore we are highly appreciate if you could answer as many questions as you can!

The CSR activity of a company or a facility has become more and more important in our lives, therefore supporting the visually impaired society is a grateful and noble commitment but could be burdensome from financial aspects. The BT system and installation might reach 80,000 € in the early years but probably will not be lower than 30,000 € during the large batch series. According to these information,

  • Can you imagine to invest a BT system?
  1. Yes, I intend to invest to improve the accessibility of my facility
  2. Yes, I can imagine but in terms of cost
  3. Yes, if I do not have to invest own effort
  4. No, it does not interest me since it is not worth to me
  5. Yes, I’m interested in it, but it’s not my task to decide

If you indicated Answer ’d’ at Q18 please go to Q21!

  • The financing model of a system like BT could be set many ways, therefore please indicate your preferences taking into consideration the realistic scenarios in your country!
  1. In case of investment, I’d purchase the BT from own effort
  2. In case of investment, I’d purchase the BT partly from own effort and from national funding(s)
  3. In case of investment, I’d purchase the BT partly from own effort and from EU funding(s)
  4. In case of investment, I’d rather lease the BT for a short period maximum half a year in order to try out.
  5. In case of investment, I’d rather lease the BT for a mid-term period 1-3 years to decide it is worth to operate
  6. Lease the BT for long-term period 3-10 years.

  • How much own effort could you spent on it?
  1. None, if I see my investment does not return in five years
  2. Maximum 20,000 € and the rest of it I should create from other sources
  3. 30,000 € for leasing or purchasing
  4. Max 50,000 € if the investment is returned in the first 5 years
  5. Max 80,000 € if the investment is returned in the first 5 years
  6. Other please indicate it: ……………..
  7. No answer

General questions about the responder

  • Gender of the responder
    1. male
    2. female
  • Could you please sign your position and responsibility at your organization?
    1. CEO
    2. Managing Director
    3. Investment Manager
    4. Other, please add your position and responsibility: ……………..

Thank you very much your time and effort!